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Grandad's Letters by Janice Madden

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These letters are for all of us. If we care to read them and think about them, we will grow from the experience as they offer unique insights from George Madden's perspective on life and the universe.

They are stepping stones of thought, passed down to us, in order to share the knowledge gained and experience felt, and just as the book passes into our hands so do the thoughts to be carried forwards. As George shares his insights, we too will find our own interpretation of life and all that this means.

Book Information

  • Published: 2014
  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Janice Madden
  • ISBN: 978-0-9874033-2-2

What others are saying

As always you bring the vivid imagery into my mind as I read your book. The Red Carpet is a triumph of visualisation and humanity. Thank you for my signed copy. I didn't realise when buying a copy from the website that this would be signed by the author!
Richard (USA), buyer/reader
Your latest Book, arrived a couple of days ago. A good eye catching cover to support the title. I have had a quick skim through it and read the preface and a few of the shorter stories, the others all in due course. In fact I found the preface to be a story in itself and a good one at that. The Red Carpet reminds me in a general sort of way of the Summing Up by Somerset Maugham. I wish you every success with this latest book which readers of your previous works will no doubt be able to relate to quite easily.
Sandy (UK), buyer/reader

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