Just a girl from Crewe

The Price by janice Madden

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Published in England in 2005, this book is no longer in print.


Telling the stories of her childhood in the streets of Crewe and fields of Cheshire, Janice Madden continues her life journey living in North Wales and Cornwall.

These stories reveal the author's creative mind and tell of the rich events of her early years and beyond, which were to influence her later writing. This universal writer was inspired by those influences and imbued her writing with imaginative thought. Janice invites you to enjoy this human journey.

Book Information

  • Published: 2005
  • Type: Paperback
  • Author: Janice Madden
  • ISBN: 0-9757903-0-7

What others are saying

Dear Janice, Thank you for the copy of your book. I began to read out of curiosity then read on - for pleasure. You've led a bold and interesting life and i love your attitude to it all!
Ted Hughes (Poet Laureate), buyer/reader
Today your wonderful book arrived. It looks great and was exciting to open it. I like the layout and the poems and the stories were a fantastic read.

Thank you...
Susan (AUS), buyer/reader

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