• Janice Madden - The Price
  • Janice Madden - The Price
  • Janice Madden - The Price
  • "The Price"
    "Janice Madden's passion to solve the mysteries
    of her murdered aunt have delivered not only a
    form of family resolution for sweet Eva."
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The Price: Importance for New Zealand

In The Price, Janice Madden's consummate skills as a world class writer become apparent, as she takes the facts of Eva's life, the life of a simple servant girl in Edwardian England longing to break the chains of servitude and experience the world.

Accumulated over years of meticulous research of the facts she weaves them into such a powerful story that it will hold you in its grips from start to finish. This is a true story of great importance to the history of New Zealand.

Dr. Andrew Melville-Smith. Veterinarian. Whyalla. South Australia.

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The Flower Collection

"Our earth is rapidly reacting to the effects of Climate Change.The human race must take responsibility for the future of our planet.If our wild flowers vanish from the earth then part of us vanishes too. We will be left with merely one generation?s memory of a once vibrant earth. The Natural World feeds our thoughts and nurtures our souls.We need to recognise that. I hope you enjoy reading 'The Flower Collection' and at the same time give some thought to your personal memories of wild flowers.You may be rewarded."

Janice Madden

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Grandad's Letters

These letters are for all of us. If we care to read them and think about them, we will grow from the experience as they offer unique insights from George Madden's perspective on life and the universe.

They are stepping stones of thought, passed down to us, in order to share the knowledge gained and experience felt, and just as the book passes into our hands so do the thoughts to be carried forwards. As George shares his insights, we too will find our own interpretation of life and all that this means.

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The Red Carpet

'The Red Carpet' is a collection of short stories, each of which embrace the theme of 'love as a way of being'.

Based on incidents throughout the writer's life including love of people, animals and Nature, the many threads through each story bind themselves together. Unconditional love and recognition of human rights

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Enter through the door on the front cover of this book into a world many choose to ignore. The author worked closely with Bilingual Service Officers within a Second Language Program for adult new arrivals in Australia.

They told their powerful life journeys for over two years, revealing incidents which had never been revealed before simply because no-one had never asked them.

Within their recalls they are revealed as powerful bridge builders for dislocated students and as wisdom makers in our society. Within their words they rise, Phoenix like, from the ashes of their past lives.

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Just a girl from Crewe

How does the daughter of a train driver end up spending her days with the 'Lost Boys' of Sudan?

In Australia she finds her classrooms filled with people the world forgets, survivors of war and torture, trauma and deprivation beyond what most would possibly understand. And through it all her words are messages of hope and laughter that transform the grimmest of situations.

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Reared in Chester Zoo

Written at the request of June Mottershead who grew up in Cheshire where her father kept a small zoo.

She and her family moved to land near Chester where they bought land and dwellings which would over time become Chester Zoo.

It took just over two years to research and write with many time's spent at June's home and at the zoo. Discover the story of the Mottershead family and the roots of Chester Zoo.

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